Anonymous said: I want inside you so bad. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met and your heart is far too kind for anyone who wouldn't take care of it right. It may sound creepy, but omfg, I want to fuck you. Seeing your pageant pictures makes me want you more.

Well thank you, I guess. Haha I’m flattered.

I pick up my guitar and plan on only playing it for a few minutes. An hour later a song is written, recorded and uploaded. E string is broken, and this isn’t finished just yet. Enjoy! 

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Most people on tumblr won’t reblog this because it doesn’t “fit” their blog. 

Well, this baby girl has a disease. It’s a cancer that is slowly eating up her body. Its called Necrotizing Fasciitis (Flesh-Eating Bacteria). She is currently under serious condition. This was put on tumblr to be reblogged for donations. Each reblog is equivalent to $1. The more reblogs, the more money goes for her treatment. Every 4 hours a child dies from cancer. I am praying for her.

What if this baby was your daughter/sister/niece .. etc. How would you feel?

If you don’t have a heart or a care in the world.. Keep scrolling.

^ Is that necessary?

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Losers forever

Ready Eddy!

Best experience of my life!

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I’m still laughing.